Tharsus is one of the UK’s fastest growing
technology businesses.

So what do we do? Put simply we design and build Smart Machines for our customers. But what does that mean in terms of people, departments, teams, and roles?

Well, let’s start at the front door. We’ve got our Marketing team and the Business Development department. Together, they are responsible for promoting Tharsus and finding new customers to work with, promoting Tharsus as a partner of choice, building a strong brand and telling the world how great it is to work here.

Once a customer comes on board, the first team they will interact with is our Solutions Architecture team. Experts in integrating technology, these folks help our customers get to the real needs and wants of the product and specialise in solving complex problems for customers.

The goal is to deliver game changing solutions that will transform the future for our customers. Many technology companies will tell you that they focus on machines, people and systems as their core. We don’t just tell this story, we live it. We study these core components and their interactions to solve real problems that matter.

By leveraging the experience that Tharsus has accrued in that last 50 years, we are able to use sophisticated, state of the art technologies. In Digital Technologies, we pride ourselves on being unbound by legacy technology and being able to use the best fit for the job.

We work with cutting edge machine learning, the latest mathematical techniques, data analysis, software architecture and development, experience design techniques and psychological and physiological principles of design; to name just a few.

When it comes to designing a product to solve the problem, we call on a great team of highly skilled engineers who can help create a product that does everything it has to and can be reliably manufactured.

When the process of prototyping is complete, our Design team hand over to our Pilot Manufacturing team who work on getting the new product ready for production and making sure that we have guidelines in place so that the process stays as straightforward as possible.

Manufacturing Smart Machines are where the majority of our people focus their time. Our production operatives and their supervisors concentrate on developing, managing and reviewing scalable processes to produce our customers’ products. Our production teams incorporate varied roles centred on key actions like testing and quality. Supporting our production colleagues, we have a host of additional teams and people managing key parts of our business like our stores and our suppliers.

We have other teams specifically dedicated to supply chain management and to managing our customers’ key needs for delivery and aftercare. This is an important part of the service that Tharsus offers.

Working alongside our customers is our Projects team who act as the ‘voice of the customer’ within Tharsus. These teams provide much more than just a supporting function to the business. They are key to the success of our long-term relationships with our customers.

Outside the manufacturing side of the business, we have our other vital supporting functions such as Finance, HR and Business Excellence, all of whom help Tharsus to grow and scale.

Aim higher. Think wider. Work together.

Our values guide us in working with customers to design and manufacture Strategic Machines that transform our customers’ business performance.

Aim higher

To achieve our global best, each of us has to aim beyond the ordinary. So go for brilliance, go for stretch. Demand more from yourself and from your colleagues. Challenge and be challenged.

Think wider

Every decision we make impacts the bigger picture. So make every decision the right decision. Think wider about each decision’s effect on the project, on other people, on our ultimate goal. This is key to ‘navigation’.

Work together

Greatness is rarely a solo effort and it never can be in our business. We work together to achieve a shared purpose with our colleagues, our partners and our customers. We each bring distinct and essential strengths. More is definitely more. Each deserves respect.

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